Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Famous NYC Attraction

The Historic Roosevelt Island Tramway is a significant landmark for Roosevelt Island, and tourists who come to catch great views of the city. The Roosevelt Island Tramway was up and running by 1976. It was intentionally a temporary means of transportation that later became a permanent way of transporting residents and visitors. It was constructed by Vonroll Ltd of Bern, Switzerland costing $5 million. Its unique means of transporting commuters from busy 59th street and Second Avenue, Midtown Manhattan to a relaxed and quiet atmosphere in a remarkable 4 minutes has attracted many travelers and has become a popular setting in various films and music videos. The Roosevelt Island Tramway has been featured in movies like "Spider Man," "House on the Edge of the Park," "Dark Water," "Nighthawks," "Scarface," and "City Slickers" to name a few.
A popular song called "Cant Believe" by R&B artists Carl Thomas featuring Faith Evans features the Tramway in their music video.

The Tramway has been featured in various other publications for recognition including comic books and even at Universal Studios Theme Park featured in a King Kong thrill ride. Its fame is continuing to grow. With almost 35 years of its operation, can there possibly be more left in store for the historic landmark?

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