Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter Storm Watch

During the last few weeks of the tramway's operation, the weather has consisted of mainly snow storms with high winds. Most people wouldn't feel safe riding the tram in these conditions, but residents of Roosevelt Island are pretty used to commuting in bad weather via the tramway. The first time I rode the tram in bad weather, it was night time and there were rapid wind gusts. The rain and snow was pouring down really hard. I thought the tram would be closed due to bad weather, but to my surprise, it was still operating on a regular schedule, with no complications. Although I have been on the tram before, I never have been more scared by the swaying of the car in the air and pounding rain against the glass windows. I seemed to be the only one frantic, on the phone with my friend explaining what was happening. The other passengers just sat or stood around until the ride was over as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Here are some shots I took the day after the storm.

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