Monday, March 8, 2010

Tram Modernization Project

The Roosevelt Island Tram has temporarily discontinued service for reconstruction. Early morning on March 1, 2010, the service was officially suspended, changing the commute for thousands of Roosevelt Island residents, workers, and tourists. Service is expected to continue on August 31, 2010; just in time for the back to school season in New York. Although the commute of many people will be affected, Roosevelt Island Operating Corp states it will benefit everyone in the long run. Cabins will be able to operate Independently, rush hour will be improved, reliability will increase, there will be uninterrupted service during maintenance, and better energy efficiency.

The last week of February was all about preparation for this project. Schedule changes took place, inconveniencing commuters even before the reconstruction process began. A series of signs were posted throughout the Manhattan and Roosevelt Island Tram and Train stations. This is currently the talk of the town. Commuters are re-routing their daily commutes due to the inconvenience. Although there will be shuttle bus service in place of the tram, some predict very heavy traffic on the F train; the only train line that runs on Roosevelt Island. Another option is the Q102 bus which runs on the Island.
Tim, 65, resident of Roosevelt Island commutes to work daily on the F train. He observed that during the first week of reconstruction of the tram, the F train hasn't been as over crowded as predicted.
"I haven't had any trouble getting to work these past couple of days. Lets see if it stays that way."

While some commuters and workers are dreading the changes, others are not affected. Some even celebrated the changes with a rather optimistic view. Sunday, February 28, 2010 was the last time anyone could ride the tram. Residents used its convenience of getting over to the city for the last time, making plans to have food and drinks at a local bar.

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